Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mothers Day Swap

I am a bit late in putting this up but have had a few problems of late.
I belong to a great group at C-R-A-F-T
and my swap partnetr was Naomi who made all of my gifts and this is what i received.
M-Mug and Mug Bag and Chocolate
O- Owl Softie
T- Teddy Tote Bag
H- Heart Tablerunner
E- Embroidered Sewing Bits and Bobs
R- Red Ruffle Bag
Thanks Naomi for being a great swap partner

Birthday Bear

I have this wonderful lovely and thoughtful friend in the UK who i have mentioned before, she knows i am always running late with her present and i think expects that now, i don't forget just am fashionably late.. any way this little fellow is leaving here on Monday to wing his way to her.. i think he is cute and i love the green and blu together.

Tote Bag Tutorial

This is my bag made from my friend Khris's tutorial, i finally got around to posting about is.. sorry Khris it has taken me so long, i was pleased how it turned out.
I am now eager to make another one, i am thinking with cats on it for my daughter in law.

More Reading

More reading on the agenda from Opa but the mistake was trying to read with the light attached to the book, Caprice found that a lot of fun.. more so than reading which was a disaster... oh well


My grandaughter Caprice loves to read and just loves it when her favourite uncle is there to read to her. At the moment he is jet setting in America and she misses him and keeps asking " Is Uncle Shaun here"