Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

This was our Christmas which we spent at Justin and Julia's with our family and of course the two gorgeous grandchildren. Caprice had a fun day and was such a good girl, understood a bit of the concept of Christmas but more the fact that if she was a good girl she got some presents.
Jett of course knew very little except there was a lot of people there and in true boy style was happy to eat and sleep.

This was taken from the other end of the table. It was a warm day outside but on the verandah it was ok.
Justin even put on the fans for those of us { me] that do not do well in the heat.
We had a lovely lunch with lots of yummy food.
My beautiful granddaughter in her "Christmas Angel" shirt.
What can i say, she is a sweet girl with an angels face.
Here is Jett wondering what on earth is going on.
Lots of people and lots of food.
Not sure about the frown.
We gave Caprice a new " Mammy Doll" and she loved it.
Now she has two who will get lots of cuddles and play time
This was the beginning of the day.
Shaun got a bean bag and of course it had to be filled with beans.
The question being how many men does it take to fill it??
Well it took the two of them and me to pick up all of the beans that they didn't get in.
I must say there were a few that missed and they manage to get everywhere.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Surprise Flowers

Last week i had to spend a day in hospital, nothing too bad just a minor operation and a bit inconvenient to say the least.
My very thoughtful son Shaun sent me some flowers which arrived just as i came home from hospital.
What beautiful tones of pink they are, i am so thankful to have such a lovely caring son.
Thank you Shaun.

Jett's Christening

Nana had to adjust the ribbons on the gown just so it looked perfect, not sure if Jett was too fussed or just wanted to have his photo taken.
Jett being given the sign of the cross by the priest and being well looked after by his doting Mother

The very proud parents and Jett sleeping through it all, far too much for a little baby.
After the ceremony and with the proud godfathers, not sure where the two godmothers were at this stage

Jett's Christening

 This is a Christening Gown that i crocheted over 38 years ago for my lovely nephew for his Christening. Over the years it has been passed down the line to all of the nieces and nephews to wear on their special day. At the time i had no idea that it would become such a relic in the family.
It has kept well over the years and i think at this stage Jett will be the last one to wear it unless there are any surprises in the family which of course would be welcomed with open arms
What a beautiful cake this was, very unique i would say and delicious. Unfortunately in true style Jett slept through the cutting of it but when he is old enough we will tell him all about it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

We recently took Caprice with us to visit her Uncle Shaun, whom she adores. After they had played hide and seek on his new bed Caprice decided it was time to do some reading, no ordinary reading for this two and a half year old but more a business book, look at the concentration on her face.Talk about a clever little girl. I do think i should have given her hair a bit of a brush though.

Cute Teddy Bear

This is a recent bear that i finished for a Christmas present for a lovely friend in the UK. He should almost be there if not already and i know he will love his new home with his other siblings. He has such a cute face and there is no one that wouldn't love him. The only thing he is missing is his clothes as from what i have heard there is a lot of snow in the UK at the present.

Birthday Fabric

 I belong to a great group of ladies over  here at
 C-R-A-F-T. Each month we donate money for the
   lucky birthday girl who is then allowed to spend it
on what ever she desires, this is what i bought and
even though it was last August i am ver happy with
my purchase and gifts

Surprise Quilt

  This was an amazing surprise quilt that was a great surprise. I belong to aC-R-A-F- T group who have kept this from khris .To be honest it was such a well kept secret and from what i have heard Khris was totally shocked.. It was made as a thank you for everything that Khris is always doing for everyone else.
The very lovely Sharon in NZ spent an enormous amount of time putting it together and quilting it... doesn't it just look great? So professional and don't you just  love the Diva?
To go with the quilt Pam made a lovely bag to carry the quilt in.
What an amazing gift for an amazing person.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Retromummy Fabric Giveaway

Retromummy having a great giveaway over here
Who wouldn't want to win 14 beautiful fat quarters?
And even better is that there are three winners.
I know exactly what i would use these on.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ocober Challenge

This is my October Challenge that i did for over at Amanda's , there is just one month to go.
This is my Christmas bear.. i have an idea who is going to receive it for Christmas but it is a secret,
have to be quiet until then.
I haven't minded doing this as i have actually felt like i have been in some way productive.
Mind you i have a lot more UFO'S and other things i want to finish off..oh if only i didn't have to work.

More Of Jett

What can i say Jett is a cute and cuddly baby.
He will out grow all of us i think by the looks of him.
He is though adorable.

The Two of Them

This is a sweet photo of Caprice and Jett taken after they had both had a lovely relaxing bath.
    Children just love play time in the bath.
    Caprice insisted on pulling funny faces.. 
    i'm not sure why... just a little girls thing i guess.

More Of Jett

This is a profile of Jett thinking and taking everything in.. don't you wonder what a aby thinks and how silly these adults are going around taking all of these pictures... it's as if they have never seen a a baby befoere.

Handsome Jett

This is Jet a few weeks ago, he is now 11 weeks old and as handsome and happy as any baby could be.
He is a very placid easy going boy with the loveliest of smiles... just love him to pieces.

Friday, October 22, 2010

We have just celebrated our 38th Wedding Anniversary.
Our life together has been a good one but like anyone else some trying times thrown in there.
I know we will have many more of wedded bliss together.
It is such a delight each day to still have ech other and share in the lives of our childrean and grandchildren.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Milly The Dog

Just had to show this picture of Milly our dog, or she thinks she is my dog, follows me around more than anyone else.
Just like a little person when she is tired she gets in her bed with her little blanket, puts the corner in her mouth and rocks back and forward being comforted by the rocking motion and goes to sleep.
She is very cute with rather large ears but very friendly.. will lick anyone to pieces.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Big Boy Jett

This is beautiful  Jett who as you can see loves his food and loves to sleep.. anywhere!
He is now just eight weeks old but his weight is way off any chart around.. hope he slows down but at least he is very healthy, just starting to laugh now and follow you around.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Jersey Boys

Earlier this week we had the chance to have a couple of days away in Sydney. We went to the show" Jersey Boys" that was held at the Theatre Royal. What a fantstaic show and such a talented cast, we were bopping along with everyone else. We had seats three rows from the front so didn't miss a thing.
This is the view from our room on the 11th floor overlooking Haymarket and this is our very healthy breakfast that was just delicious. We enjoyed the break and intend on doing these get aways  more often

September Challenge

This is the lastest challenge for September, go over to hear Amanda there were some amazing enteries and winners, i am not a doll person so found this difficult


This is our beautiful grandaughter that lights up our lives in so many ways.
Big blue eyes and blonde curly hair.. a true delight.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where Does Time Go???

I am always thinking where does all the hours in the day go to?? Can anyone tell me where to find spare leisurely time?? I am in desperate need for this rare commodity and wonder whether it is not meant to happen??

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Caprice Being Serious

My beautiful grandaughter deep in thought and being serious.. I wonder what she was thinking??
May be what she would go and do next... chase the cats and give them a bath may be.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My Boys

These are the men in my life that play a very important part in it. From the very young who is only 3 weeks old to the very old... shhh don't tell him i said that but i will be good and not say how old he is.
Don't they all look so happy and proud especially Opa.
We struggle these days to get all together so when we do it is fun.

Happy Fathers Day

We celebrated fathers day here in Australia last Sunday. It is a long time now since m own father passed away as at the time i was only seven and my father a very young 42.
It was hard growing up with out a father but i think easier to accept at that age, as the saying goes what you don't have you don't miss which in some cases is true but i always knew my father was not that far away and always wathing over us.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Baby Pictures

These are the recent photos of Jett and his big sister Caprice.
A bit of sibling bonding going on by the looks of it.
How cute are they??

I Won, Won, I Won

Last week the lovely Nat had a giveaway on her blog to celebrate her birthday and i was the very lucky winner of this most gorgeous bag.
It arrived today and in person is so much nicer than the picture, the handles are to die for and the craftmanship out of this world. I also received a lovely card and little tape measure which i had been wanting one to carry around with my knitting.
Thank you so much Nat

Sunday, August 29, 2010

This is the family pic, they don't look all that happy do they?
Must have been the thought of me getting
That means of course that they are getting older and catching up to me... i think??

Happy Birthday To Me

What a lovely day it was today, another year older and wiser, i am not saying how old i turned but you could say i am over 21, at least twice.I am so lucky to have such a lovely family to have spent some of the day with before i had to go to work.

I do hope there will be many many more though.
Thank you to my family.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Prize

Do you remember a few posts ago where i won the July Christmas challenge for my table runner?
Well  Amanda is the lovely host of this great challenge and this the charm pack that i won.
I could choose from fat quarters or a charm pack and i think i picked really well.
What do you think?
This is where i could pick my fabrics from and the lovely Khris has such a lovely variety and
i can verify they are all such good quality, you won't be disappointed.

August Challenge

 This is what i made for the August Christmas challenge that Amanda is hosting.
The challenge was to make a table decoration which does sound very easy but believe me it wasn't at all.
I made this lovely bon bon from a pattern i had and am very pleased with how it turned out.
Filled with lovely sweets, yum yum

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Sister

You might think Caprice is looking for her new brother but actually was more concerned about who had some food.... always grazing but not eating a lot at meal times.... typically a little toddler

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Gransdson

We are so blessed to have another grandchild and this time it is a gorgeous bouncing boy named Jett.
He came into this world at 11.21pm on the 14th August and weighs 8 pound 9 ounces and measuring 53cms long.
He has a nice covering of hair which seems on the darker side, not sure about his eyes as i haven't seen them yet. Needless to say Caprice is delighted to have a little brother.
More pics to post later.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My First Teddy Bear

This was the very first teddy bear that i made and that was back in 1998, it seems like so long ago now.
I can remember going to the class and it was a one on one class that i thoroughly enjoyed and was so thrilled to bring home this lovely fury creature.
What made my day though was how impressed my sons were that i had made him.
He now lives in a glass cabinet with his other friends and i know for sure when all the house is quiet he gets up with his friends and they have a real Teddy Bears Picnic.
Sadly these days i have little time for sewing my bears but i will eventually get back to them.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Flower Power In Homespun

How exciting......Today you can grab Khris's Flower Power sewing accessories that She put together for the Homespun website. Flower Power is a cute set that she put together for her favourite magazine Homespun and their website bonus projects. Jump across and grab the instructions. A desktop pinchushion, a needlecase and a wrist pincushion. For full templates you will need to purchase the magazine even though the instructions to draw the majority of the templates are on the website.
How clever is Khris in designing this and from what i have heard Khris is going to be featured in an upcoming edition of Homespun

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July Christmas Challenge And I Won

This is the second month of the Christmas Challenge over at Amanda's, I have to say though that i struggle to get these things finished on time what with work and everything else that goes on.
There were some really lovely table runners and table mats from all that participated and i was the lucky one to have my name drawn out.
Hopefully my luck may be changing because i never win anything. Now i am aiming at the big win in Lotto... then no more work but lots more sewing...yippee.
The challenge for August is a table decoration made out of any medium... i am stumped on this one.
Any ideas i would love to hear about.