Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

This was our Christmas which we spent at Justin and Julia's with our family and of course the two gorgeous grandchildren. Caprice had a fun day and was such a good girl, understood a bit of the concept of Christmas but more the fact that if she was a good girl she got some presents.
Jett of course knew very little except there was a lot of people there and in true boy style was happy to eat and sleep.

This was taken from the other end of the table. It was a warm day outside but on the verandah it was ok.
Justin even put on the fans for those of us { me] that do not do well in the heat.
We had a lovely lunch with lots of yummy food.
My beautiful granddaughter in her "Christmas Angel" shirt.
What can i say, she is a sweet girl with an angels face.
Here is Jett wondering what on earth is going on.
Lots of people and lots of food.
Not sure about the frown.
We gave Caprice a new " Mammy Doll" and she loved it.
Now she has two who will get lots of cuddles and play time
This was the beginning of the day.
Shaun got a bean bag and of course it had to be filled with beans.
The question being how many men does it take to fill it??
Well it took the two of them and me to pick up all of the beans that they didn't get in.
I must say there were a few that missed and they manage to get everywhere.


Karen Mallory said...

Looks like everyone had a fun time! The grands are so cute!
A nice Christening too! Love the crocheted gown. It is gorgeous!
hugs Karen

Sharon-NZ said...

Great pics, looks like a heap of fun