Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Night

I think I'm supposed to say Happy Halloween but not sure I'm a real believer in this. All of the kids seem to have fun which I have witnessed tonight at work, all walking or running around like they are the walking dead. I did notice today at the $2 dollar shop though that they were doing a roaring business selling all their cheap imported items.. I saw a very cute ghost today though.. a two year old ghost by the name of Jett and a witch trying to make her outfit fit.. namely Caprice.. it is all fun though i have to admit

Sunday, October 14, 2012

40th Wedding Anniversary

Next Sunday on the 21st October we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.. a ver long time ago now and as most people woukld say " where did all of those years ago ?"
On reflection they were on the most all good years, a few ups and downs but we managed to get through them with not many scars.
In the end we have two beautiful sons with lovely wives/partners that make them very happy.
Two beautiful grandchildren that bring so much joy and delight to our lives, more excitement is yet to come with another grandbaby not far away.. all i  all a good life