Monday, November 15, 2010

Retromummy Fabric Giveaway

Retromummy having a great giveaway over here
Who wouldn't want to win 14 beautiful fat quarters?
And even better is that there are three winners.
I know exactly what i would use these on.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ocober Challenge

This is my October Challenge that i did for over at Amanda's , there is just one month to go.
This is my Christmas bear.. i have an idea who is going to receive it for Christmas but it is a secret,
have to be quiet until then.
I haven't minded doing this as i have actually felt like i have been in some way productive.
Mind you i have a lot more UFO'S and other things i want to finish off..oh if only i didn't have to work.

More Of Jett

What can i say Jett is a cute and cuddly baby.
He will out grow all of us i think by the looks of him.
He is though adorable.

The Two of Them

This is a sweet photo of Caprice and Jett taken after they had both had a lovely relaxing bath.
    Children just love play time in the bath.
    Caprice insisted on pulling funny faces.. 
    i'm not sure why... just a little girls thing i guess.

More Of Jett

This is a profile of Jett thinking and taking everything in.. don't you wonder what a aby thinks and how silly these adults are going around taking all of these pictures... it's as if they have never seen a a baby befoere.

Handsome Jett

This is Jet a few weeks ago, he is now 11 weeks old and as handsome and happy as any baby could be.
He is a very placid easy going boy with the loveliest of smiles... just love him to pieces.