Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my family and friends.
May the year ahead be full of all you wish and desire.
Mine i hope will eb to help me cope better with all that life deals me.
I want to get fit and lose more weight and am positive I can do it.

Caprice and Uncle Shaun

How delightful is this picture? it just shows all the love that they have for each other.
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Jett On Christmas Day

My grandson Jett having fun on Christmas  Day and wering his Uncle's very big hat.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of my friends and family. May you all have a fun filled day for christmas with fun, joy and happiness. We will be going to my sisters to share the joy with both of the families. Looking forward to the little ones getting together and playing.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Look What I Won

Not so long ago i won this over at Lynda's, i was so pleased to have won as i am not all that lucky. The two giggle buttons are just so cute and lovel;y Lynda added the nice fat quarter, that was very generous of her.


I have just finished this tablerunner for my daughter-in-law.
They have a very long and wide table table so this fits just nicely
and from all accounts looks nice.

My Jelly Roll Quilt

When we were on retreat in October i did manage to make this quilt, it was a bit on hard side but with a lot of guidance it turned out really well.
 I have bought the fabric for the binding but not yet had time to put it on.. bring on holidays so i can do it.

My Boy Jett

This is my gorgeous grandson Jett, can you tell he loves his food? those cheeks are full of something. He has a gorgeous fun personality and is just a joy.


My beautiful grandaughter, she had just been to a wedding so was all dressed up for the occasion and looked so grown up but is still a little girl. Isn't she just gorgeous?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mt Alford Retreat 2011

 I recently had the pleasure of travelling to Queensland for a retreat/get together with some lovely ladies from an on line group from CRAFT. What a great time it was and we all got on so well as if we had known each other for many years. This is a picture of course of Mt Alford which surprisingly no one climbed.
This was the cabin i shared with Anita and Lynda
Our kichenette and dining area.
Lovely and comfortable lounge

Busy at work
Games to play
 Our group of glorious ladies
   You can see we did do some sewing, all beautiful creations
    Shopping time...yippee
   Relaxing time in our hotel on the Thursday night at Ipswich, our last night together
    More of the ladies having an idle chit chat
 At the retreat we played a lot of fun games and did some swaps, this is my loot, a lovely collection
This is what i bought whille i was away, lots of goodies, now to find the time to make some things.
My table topper i made at retreat, i also made a jelly roll quilt which is off being quilted at the moment

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Out of here

Well time to put this blog to rest for a week so will see you then with some photos of fun times.

Retreat Time

     Off to retreat early tomorrow morning, i mean very, very early so will have to have a n afternoon Nana nap i think. It should be a lot of fun to put names to faces that i only know from on line, except Anita that is. I have made these few things to add to the other bits and bobs i have for our secret sister swap.Off now to pack.


I have been on a bit of a cooking spree whilst i have been on holidays.
I made these Cheese and Bacon Muffins plus i added some onions
 I had my lovely friend Amy and her daughter Chloe come for lunch last week and made some of these which were very easy and apparently very tasty but of course not for me being a vegetarian.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Long Long Time

 I seem these days to be lost in the nether nether... not sure what that really means.
It could mean something similar to losing your mojo.
Well i am always busy with work and working such late shifts does catch up with you. Couple that with having a horrid year with my health just hasn't helped.
Then last week thought i could jump the garden bed and stay on my two uneven feet just didn't work and i came down in an almighty mess and have been suffering ever since.
Well at least the bruises are turning a pretty shade of yellow and purple now.
I never wish time would fly but in this case i am, surely life can improve.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Healing Heart Quilt

My sister Pauline has had a rough time with her health
and had major surgery.
This is a quilt i put together.
I belong to a lovely group of ladies you can find
over here C-R-A-F-T

They sent me the heart blocks which was very generous of them.
 I put the quilt together but was so pleased with how
it turned out.
Pauline was just so thrilled and surprised
that from all parts of the world so many ladies
were so thoughtful.

Looks good on this bed but this was taken
just before i took it to to Pauline.
Thank you ladies, you know who you are

Kiama Getaway

We have recently had a family getaway to Kiama.
We try to get away on a regular basis.
The house we stayed in was just beautiful with amazing views.
The weather was a bit cool but not too bad

More views showing the rough seas hitting the rocks

Jett practising going in and out of the doorway.
In the end he did master it
Caprice in her favouirite fairy dress
and with a very odd smile

The boys in deep conversation and enjoying the view

More views from the verandah

Just beautiful

We went for a drive to Berri, it was the coldest day
i have felt for a long time.
Caprice enjoyed her little ride and Jett
 was waiting for his turn

Our last morning at Kiama and while we were
having breakfast a large pod of whales went across.
We were all amazed and thery were so gracious
in there movements

The whales almost out of site.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Third Birthday

Beautiful Caprice has turned three and celebrated it
with her friends and family.
A Dora cake was a great choice, she just loves Dora.
Best friends admiring the cake.

Party time and time to blow out the candles.

My boys enjoying themselves and looking silly.

Time to eat and keep up the energy levels.

Ballerina training and Jett wants to help.
We bought this for Caprice to practice her ballet.
It is very good and Caprice is very passionate about her ballet.

These were just some cupcakes that I made fo the day.
Some nice happy faces.