Monday, July 25, 2011

Kiama Getaway

We have recently had a family getaway to Kiama.
We try to get away on a regular basis.
The house we stayed in was just beautiful with amazing views.
The weather was a bit cool but not too bad

More views showing the rough seas hitting the rocks

Jett practising going in and out of the doorway.
In the end he did master it
Caprice in her favouirite fairy dress
and with a very odd smile

The boys in deep conversation and enjoying the view

More views from the verandah

Just beautiful

We went for a drive to Berri, it was the coldest day
i have felt for a long time.
Caprice enjoyed her little ride and Jett
 was waiting for his turn

Our last morning at Kiama and while we were
having breakfast a large pod of whales went across.
We were all amazed and thery were so gracious
in there movements

The whales almost out of site.


Karen Mallory said...

What a lovely place for a vacation! Glad you got to spend time with the grands.
hugs Karen

Anita said...

Looks like a fantastic location!! And how cool that you got to see the whales!!!

creativedawn said...

Back again to take a look at your lovely ocean views! The whales are amazing aren't they. What wonderful views! It's good to read you are having a great time on your vacation since you work so hard ALL THE TIME!!! smile, hope you are feeling better.