Sunday, July 24, 2011

Holiday In Tasmania

It's a few months ago now but these are some photos
from our trip to Tasmania.
It is such a lovely place, not as cold as we thought it would be.
We will definately be going back there.

This was a beautifil park which was across the road from where
we stayed in Launceston.
Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys.
Anyone you know?
I just loved looking at them, may be i am closely related.
More relatives.

Beautiful Dahlia's, such large blooms.

These were just beautiful and was so amazed at the colours
and variety of flowers

These were to die for.
Port Arthur, such an interesting place and full of history.

This was my artistic photo, i was impressed with my
photographic skills

This was at Port Arthur, an old church that had been burnt out.
It was a very interesting day.


Karen Mallory said...

Great photos Lois! Tazmania is beautiful and hope it isn't too long before you get more vacation time!
hugs Karen

Khris said...

We totally love Tassie too...and Port Arthur really is a terrific place to visit and so full of history...hugs Khris

creativedawn said...

Hi Lois!
Your pictures of landscapes and the old church are spectacular. I read your blog whenever you post; however, I don't always comment....bad The church is my favorite, I think.
Time is just marching right on by us, Caprice is a real cutie...3 years, wow! Seems like yesterday she was just born....