Monday, February 28, 2011

Ballerina Girl

Caprice has decided she wants to be a Ballerina, won't she be the cutest Ballerina you have ever seen?
Each week after her lesson she comes over to Nana's place to show me what she has learnt.
Even though she is just two and a half she has learnt a lot plus the important part is that she is enjoying it.

Handsome Boy

What a fat and happy boy Jett is, can you tell he loves his food... he is well covered that's for sure.
He is now 6 months old and as he has gotten older his hair has become some what lighter than it originally was when he was born. He is a handsome little boy.

Big and Little Boys

This is so cute, Daddy giving his liitle boy a ride on his houlders. The way Jett is growing it won't happen for too much longer.

My Grands

I just love my grandchildren with all of my heart and i am sure you can see why. They are so loving and affectionate and bring so much joy to my life. Just love them to bits