Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jett's Christening

 This is a Christening Gown that i crocheted over 38 years ago for my lovely nephew for his Christening. Over the years it has been passed down the line to all of the nieces and nephews to wear on their special day. At the time i had no idea that it would become such a relic in the family.
It has kept well over the years and i think at this stage Jett will be the last one to wear it unless there are any surprises in the family which of course would be welcomed with open arms
What a beautiful cake this was, very unique i would say and delicious. Unfortunately in true style Jett slept through the cutting of it but when he is old enough we will tell him all about it.

1 comment:

creativedawn said...

Oh my, Jett is so handsome and so calm. What a lovely gown! That is so, very beautiful!!!

You did a wonderful job making such a stunning heirloom!