Thursday, March 4, 2010

Box Of chocolates

I am so lucky to have a lovely friend who lives in the UK. We have never met but have corresponded in one way or another for about 11-12 years i think. We have shared a lot of ups and downs in our lives but always been there for each other. I have not been very well for awhile and my dear friend Wendy-Sue in her thoughfulness sent me the most beautiful box of miniature bears. They arrived in a box and were wrapped in their own little paper with a message on each and had the appearance they were chocolates.
Receiving them has made my life feel so much better and having my lovely friend think of me just gave me the most enormous lift not to mention i shed a number of tears. Thank you my precious friend.


Sharon-NZ said...

well how cool is that. they are wonderful would certainly perk me up no end to get something that cool

Khris said...

What a wonderful friend....hugs Khris

Beeshebags said...

They are absolutely adorable Lois. She's a great friend to do that for you eh? Hugs and hope you're feeling much better soon. Hugs Naomi