Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Re: Still Here

I'm still here just not blogging at all but I know some dear friends have been checking and knowing how absent I am. Thank you Wendy and Liz emails coming your way very soon.
Life is always a trial in so many ways and just when you think you are getting on top of things you fall to the bottom again.
The purpose of that I am not too sure but you must continue to get back up again no matter how many times you get toppled over.
There are some not so nice people in the world and they should not be allowed to make you feel so alone and worthless... building up the self esteem is something to work on.

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Karen Mallory said...

Hang in there Lois. I have been working on my self esteem issues for a long time. We all know you are worth your weight in gold! Stupid people and bosses do exsist, but I believe what goes around comes around!
luv ya!!
hugs Karen