Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lots And Lots Happening

There has been a lot of things happening since my last bit of blogging, far too much to go into detail but life sure does dish you some curve balls at times. Just when you think life is going well and you trust people everything is turned upside down and all trust goes out the window never to return.
Time to re-think your life and not trust those that you had faith in... time may be to run away to China or some other place and make life for everyone better..
Why is it that life is like that.. just look at the caption of the lady sewing and how content she is..what is contentment though?


Karen Mallory said...

Run away to the Craft list! You know we will help thru this Lois!
lots of huggies for you.
hugs Karen

creativedawn said...

Contentment is finally locating that very real life "thingy" deep within oneself that keeps one centered even though storm(s) are raging on the outside. It is the happiness that we refuse to give up to others...People will do and say whatever; however, through it all you are able to be strong and stand (even if you have to bend) through the storms that characterize our life. We may be battle worn and scared, but we have that quiet assurance within that we did all that could be done and can walk away with a smile on our face....
hang in there, my friend